Well...I strangely got into the massive line at Best Buy that wrapped around the entire shopping plaza for some reason. The line was orderly and I ended up in the store within 10 minutes of it opening at 12:01. The first thing I did was head straight to the gaming section and pick up a Wii U, Nerf protector and a copy of ZombiU. Luckily the clerk let me check out right there at the gaming section so I avoided the massive hour long line. I brought it to my hotel after finishing my shopping with the family and hooked it up to the tv. I couldn't connect to the internet since I needed a browser and it was crappy Marriott internet so I just looked around the menus. I will say that the control pad is extremely comfortable to handle and the Nerf skin makes it even better. I'm really impressed so far but haven't played a game yet. My only complaint is that the center of the control pad has a single dead pixel.....damnit.


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